Problem Statement:
There is a game called "Pronto"!!!, don't ask why. It is played on a rectangular board. Two players alternate the put of a lot of 2*2 pieces on the board. Each piece must be fully inside the board and do not overlaps over any other pieces. The player who put the last piece is the winner.
The goal of this problem is to determine if there is a way for a player to win if he starts first.

Input Format:
The input is given in multi-lines, each line represents single test case and contains two integers 1 < n ≤ 8, 1 < m ≤ 8 represent the board dimensions.

Output Format:
For each input line, print "I can win :)" if the first player can win the game whatever the second player will do, print "Maybe :(" otherwise.

Sample Input:
2 2 4 4 5 5

Sample Output:
I can win :) I can win :) Maybe :(

Added by: samiemad
Added at: 2014-02-26 01:15:07 UTC
Time Limit: 5 seconds
Partial score: No
Source:ACM Syrian Collegiate Programming Contest 2013