Problem Statement:
Subsets Sum, or "SS" (double S) for shortcut, is a classical problem in computer science.

We are given a set of positive integer numbers; we have to know if there is a non-empty subset of this set that the sum of its elements is equal to a given number.

Ex: suppose the set is [3, 4, 7, 9, 10] and the target number is 20
The sum of elements of the subset [3, 7, 10] is equal to 20.

Input Format:
The input consists of many test cases, each test case is composed of two lines. On the first line of the input file there is a number indicates the number of test cases. The first line of each test case has two integer numbers (k, n): k is the target number, n <= 10 is the number of elements of the set. On the second line there are n integer numbers, each of these numbers is less than one hundred.

Output Format:
for each test case print "YES" without quotes if there is a subset that satisfies the condition above, "NO" otherwise.

Sample Input:
2 1 5 45 26 36 4 8 49 8 49 9 5 37 0 42 15 19

Sample Output:

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