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214. Avoiding a disaster

Problem Statement:
Percy likes to be punctual. So much so that he always keeps three watches with him,
so that he can be sure exactly what the time is. However, Percy's having a bad day. He
found out that one of his watches was giving the wrong time. What's worse, when he
went to correct the watch, he corrected the wrong one! That is, one watch was running
x minutes behind (where x <= 480) and he wound one of the other watches x minutes
forward. He now has three watches reading three different times, and hence is in
serious danger of being tardy. Can you help Percy by writing a program that takes in the
three times displayed on the watches and returns the correct time?

Input Format:
The input begins with an integer T indicating the number of cases that follow (0 < T
< 100). Each of the following T lines contains one test case, made up of three readings,
separated by single space characters: H1:M1 H2:M2 H3:M3 In each reading
H1,H2,H3 represent the hours displayed (0 < H1,H2,H3 < 13), and M1,M2,M3 represent
the minutes displayed (0 < M1,M2,M3 < 60).
If the number of minutes is less than 10, a leading 0 is added.

Output Format:
For each test case, one line should be produced, formatted exactly as follows: "The
correct time is Hi:Mi". If the number of minutes is less than 10, a leading 0 should be
added. If the number of hours is less than 10, a leading 0 should NOT be added. If it is
impossible to tell the time from the three readings, print the string: "Look at the sun".

Sample Input:
3 5:00 12:00 10:00 11:59 12:30 1:01 12:00 4:00 8:00

Sample Output:
The correct time is 5:00 The correct time is 12:30 Look at the sun

Added by: feras_kassar
Added at: 2014-09-07 07:00:01 UTC
Time Limit: 3 seconds
Partial score: No